The 2020 WACOSS conference logo features artwork by Nyoongar Elder and artist Aunty Millie Penny. Millie discussed the conference themes with WACOSS and has produced a remarkable and striking work, which with her permission has been used to develop the conference logo.


Millie has explained that, in this work, the Nyoongar season that the conference falls within, Djeran, is portrayed in the colours used, with the progression of deep warm colours progressing into ones darker and cooler. The work depicts the lakes on Nyoongar Boodja, and the connections between these. It represents a meeting place for people to come together, with the figure in its centre directly representative of “meeting place”. Also represented are the pathways both into and out from this place along which we can journey together, djenna bidi.


Millie summarises the work conceptually as having the WACOSS Conference 2020 at its centre, surrounded by the environment which it is both of, and within.