Finding Ground Conference

May 5 in Perth 2020

We invite you to our conference

Lets build a better way together
A key part of the WACOSS calendar is our yearly conference. We run two different conferences; A WACOSS Conference, which is a large scale, sector-wide event, and the Community Relief and Resilience Conference, which targets the emergency relief sector.
These conferences are essential to the sector in ensuring that strong relationships are formed, opportunities for collaboration are identified, and passions are kept ignited.
The biannual WACOSS Conference is a unique opportunity to provide professional development and training for the hundreds of volunteers and paid staff working across WA who provide regular support and assistance to those most in need in our community.

Louise Giolitto

Chief Executive Officer, WACOSS
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Call for Abstracts

WACOSS invites you to present at our 2020 conference by making a submission for consideration by the conference committee

The Finding Ground conference will be a space to explore the crossroads the WA community service sector, and wider society, currently find ourselves at. Against a backdrop of increasing social divides, wealth inequities, uncertain climate futures, and continued colonial impacts, we want to ensure a future where everyone can reach their potential and where no-one is left.

Like the Nyoongar concept of djenna bidi, journeying together, we need to build and walk pathways forward in unity, here on Nyoongar Boodja where we are gathering and elsewhere.

To do this, we must start with trust, trust in our relationships and trust in the ways of working together. Trust underpins how we move forward together. We need a commitment to invest in new ways and extend ways that are working. This investment must reflect the time and resources needed to make a difference too. Our design needs to be inclusive, co-produced. And we need to embed these cultural changes in our care systems. This will be the scaffolding around which our conference streams are organised.

If you have a topic that will add value to the conference, and are available to present at the conference on 6-7 May 2020, you are encouraged to make a submission to share your experience and understandings of working in and with communities.


Conference Location


46-54 Marine Terrace & Essex St, Fremantle


Esplanade Hotel Fremantle


08 6381 5300